May 16, 2013

Post 91:Gadgetorium,MU Twitter,and an MU Teaser!!!

Hi everybody! Welcome back!!! Today we have three commencements.

Disney Infinity's Sulley-inspired logo

The "Disney Infinity Gadgetorium" is now open...wait...what is the Gadgetorium? It's simply an avenue for people to view how many of the gadgets (like the toilet paper launcher and the jetpack) will work in the game - and you can vote on your favorite as well. As you vote, you'll see that Disney notes that they'll make the highest voted gadget "for real" - uh, I think we've all been waiting for a hover board since the movie Back To The Future" came out. Cast your votes after watching the video below and let's see if Disney can really make one - ha!" -Pixar Post. Also, you should know that the next round will focus on the Foam Hand Prank and Buzz Lightyear's jetpack.

Next,the "Monsters University" characters are now on Twitter!!! And they come up with some pretty funny stuff. Here's some of the tweets at Pixar Post.

Last, a new MU "Tease-r" is here with some new footage it's pretty cool!!!

That's it folks and more posts are coming soon!!!

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