May 11, 2013

Post 87:Pixar Randomness!!!

Hi everybody and welcome back! First, "Pixar Corner" said that some "Monsters University" stuff is coming! Here's what they said,

"I was over at my local Disney Store the other day and was pleasantly surprised to see a whole section dedicated to amping up excitement for Pixar's 14th feature film, Monsters University, which is just a smidge over a month away!

Of course, there was no shortage of furry plush toys, and there was also a wide array of neat action figures and t-shirts. The Disney Store's official website has also now been updated with info on the latest MU goodies, with everything from hoodies all the way to mouse pads and iPhone cases. 

Expect to see other stores such as Target and ToysRUs stocking up on even more monstrous commodities very soon, that is, if they haven't already. You can head on over to StitchKingdom, who got some great coverage of the Toy Fair in New York back in February, for a taste of the impressive batch of MU toys that will be hitting store shelves this month!" -Pixar Corner

Next,Merida is now a official Disney royal charater and "Inside the Magic" got to be here! Here's the video:

Queen Elinor and Princess Merida - Photo via Inside the Magic.

Last,Mothers' Day is a great day and "Monsters University" celebrated the awesome day! (P.S. I've also put the "Brave" Mothers' Day video.)

Next,some Cosbaby "Monsters" toys are now out you can get Sulley, Randall, Boo, Boo (Monsters Version), Mike, and Mike (Diver Version). Each character averages approximately three inches in height and is a similar weight to a typical vinylmation character.

See you soon everybody! More posts are coming soon!!!

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