May 3, 2013

Post 85:SO MUCH NEWS!!! 2

Hi everybody! When you think of Pixar you think things go simple. Which your wrong. And same thing on this blog. So enjoy, "SO MUCH NEWS!!! 2".

"The highly addictive game, Monsters, Inc. Run has been updated with sixteen new levels - this time set in a world called, "Cherry Mountains". The addition of the new levels also brings a new element to the game - a yellow button that you jump on which activates a floor (or wall). Well, don't get too jumpy because although these little buttons will sometimes help you clear a large hole, they will sometimes block you as well. As you play the levels, you'll start to learn which buttons to jump on and which to avoid.

The Cherry Mountain levels have followed the trend of the game overall and as new worlds have been added, they have progressively become slightly more involved. Finally, if you haven't seen our previous reviews (video) of the Monsters Inc. Run game, click here to view our initial review and click here to read our second updated review of new Desert Canyon levels.

Click the image below to download the game on iTunes.
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Additionally, the Toy Story: Smash It! puzzle game has also been updated with additional new levels that will take you 20,000 leagues under the sea in order to rescue Woody and Jessie. Get busy throwing those Luxo balls!

Click the image below to download the game on iTunes.

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The official Disney Infinity YouTube channel has just uploaded a new trailer that highlights the intensely imaginative world of the game's Toy Box mode. In the video, we even hear from Pixar Director, Lee Unkrich as he says, "It's extremely creative because you get to make up the rules as you go" - and to me, that is the most exciting theme of Disney Infinity!


Are you in the mood to hear a fun, upbeat song? Crooner, Michael BublĂ© sings the Toy Story song You've Got A Friend In Me (by the great Randy Newman) on his latest release To Be Loved (released April 23, 2013). If you're a fan of BublĂ©'s work (as we are), it's worth taking a listen as he puts his signature big-band spin on the now-classic Toy Story tune.


As we've seen the official Disney Monsters University site get updated with additional artwork, trailers and character bios, the site has now been updated with a game called Tic-Tac-Throw in which you throw ping-pong balls onto the stomach of a sticky monster (as seen in the MU trailer). You'll play against several of your Oozma Kappa buddies in this game, so get ready as each round is a "best of three" series.

Additionally, the MU site now also has a way to take a Monster Aptitude Test (M.A.T.). There is no direct link to the M.A.T., but if you click here and then click the "Take M.A.T." link in the lower right-hand corner, you'll first watch the third Monsters University trailer and then answer a series of ten randomized questions about what you saw in the trailer. 

Image © Pixar Animation Studios - courtesy of Indiewire Blog
With all the Monsters University news these days, you may accidentally forget about the wonderfully crafted short film, The Blue Umbrella, which will show prior to the MU release on June 21, 2013 (North American release). Well, today brings us a reinvigorated look at the short with some additional details and new concept art. Director, Saschka Unseld recently talked with Bill Desowitz at Indiewire about the short's photorealistic look as well as the shallow depth of field and dark colors that give the film it's signature look. A few of the discussion areas were discussed in our interview with Unseld in early March (read the transcript of our interview here or listen to the full audio interview on episode 007 of our podcast), but there were other insights that Unseld discussed with Indiewire that are really enlightening to the process - oh, and don't forget the beautiful concept art as well!
Image © Pixar Animation Studios - courtesy of Indiewire Blog

I think the line in the interview that struck me most was when Desowitz says, "The city has a lived-in quality that's out of the past yet still timeless". This really hit me because after viewing the short, this is what I felt as well, but wasn't quite able to put it into words properly.

I also really enjoyed the discussion about the potential of shooting the introduction of the short as live-action rather using computer graphics. "We initially thought about shooting live action," he explains, "but if you start to go down that road in your head, shutting down a downtown city block with dozens of cars and extras and people with umbrellas and making it rain, and then trying to control that, you don't want to do that. We built all the shots in the computer and then in editorial we re-recorded shots with a separate camera capture unit for a hand-held look." This gave the impression of moving through physical space and a sense of weight.
Head over to Indiewire to read the entire interview - it is highly recommended." -All news by "Pixar Post"
I hope you enjoyed this as much as I like giving it to you. And see you soon everybody!

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