April 30, 2013

Post 83:Last News of April and April Recap

Hi everybody! April is ending and today we will say goodbye to the wonderful month. But for now, here's some news.

First, Walt Disney World has shown some artwork from "Monsters University". And also, remember on June 1st will be the day you can get the "Art of Monsters University" book!!! 

Next, Walt Disney World also has new "Monsters University"...well...how about I show you...
Cool huh?

Lastly, Merdia the star of "Brave" got crowned Disney royalty. At where? You guessed it! Walt Disney World! Check it out at Pixar Times!!! 

April was a great month! Let's show you some of the best news of April!!!

First, we got the green flag that a "Finding Nemo" 2 is happening. "Finding Dory"!!!

Next, if you like "Cars" and you like "Star Wars" you will love these "Cars Wars" die cast!!!
Next, we got a peek at the Vinylmation of "Monsters University". It looks like yellow is big in this set.
Lastly, we had a great April Fools and here's the video I put on the day.

We can't wait for all the news in May. And for now, Goodbye, April! And see you soon everybody!

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