April 19, 2013

Post 76:"Monsters University" Pre-Screening in Michigan

Hi Everybody!!! Today, "Pixar Post" posted what they saw at Michigan at the pre-screening of "Monsters University" that happend yeaterday.

Here's what they said:
"Just one week ago we posted that there would be a series of Monsters University advanced screenings taking place across the United States and we were lucky enough to have a showing take place in our home state of Michigan (Ann Arbor / Detroit). Of course we couldn't miss this great opportunity to see the entire movie two months earlier than it's initial release of June 21 (for North America), so we hopped in our car and headed over.

The Blue Umbrella came along to show his support on this rainy day

The first group of hard-core fans waited three hours

We arrived at the theater about two hours early to a dozen other fans that had already begun lining up - including fellow Pixar enthusiast and writer Nick Razzante (along with two of his family members). We had a great time talking with all the great Pixar fans that came out to enjoy the movie and within an hour of our arrival the line had grown tremendously.

When it was time to head into the theater, the staff went through a verification process to look up your name from the Facebook

Before the movie started the theater was electric - you could tell that people were genuinely excited to see Monsters University. After the seats were full, Dan Scanlon (Director) appeared on the screen and the crowd immediately went to a hush as Dan gave a short background to the movie as well as asked that no one reveal any spoilers for audiences that will see it in a few months.

Although The Blue Umbrella will appear ahead of Monsters University for its broad theatrical release, the advance screening gets you right into the action of the main feature. Monsters University immediately captivates you with its bright colors, great vocal cast and adorable set of new characters and doesn't disappoint throughout. This film has to be one of Pixar's most hilarious films - there were even moments where you couldn't hear the movie over the laughter in the theater. We'll save all the gritty details and the full review for the movie's main release in June, but the bottom line is that you must see this movie. The movie is full of fun, laughs, amazing characters and heart...oh the heart. People have been asking if this movie could live up to the excitement and emotion of Monsters, Inc. and we absolutely think it does as we heard quite a few sniffles in the theater during the more heartfelt moments. " -Pixar Post
They even posted a video of it on their YouTube page:

Scare you soon evrybody!!! And I can't wait to see the film even more now when it hits the movies in two months.

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