April 12, 2013

Post 72:Monsterous Adventers of Pixar!!!

Pixar Post has recently whent to Pixar and has shared us some other news. Let's dive in!!!

First, let's listen to what Pixar Post said about a MU event, "Although Monsters University won't be released in theaters until June 21, 2013 in North America, you can see the entire movie as early as next week if you live in Washington DC, Cincinnati, Ann Arbor, South Miami, Houston or Boulder and are an active college student (or faculty member) - Wow!

All you have to do is head to the
official Monsters University Facebook Event page, click on the event in your city and RSVP by clicking "I'm Going". Just be aware that responding to the event by clicking  "I'm Going" doesn't reserve a seat for you...you are going to need to get the theater early and wait in line as seats are filled on a first-come-first-served basis...so arrive early, the wait will be worth it for sure! You'll also need to have your student ID to get in as well - so don't leave it at home...or shall I say, your dorm" " -Pixar Post

Next, Did you know Pixar does a chocolate festival? Here's a photo of it...

Next,here's a awesome HD screen shot of "Monsters University"...
It looks like Mike and Sulley are in there darkest moment in their friendship right now.

Last,here's some photos of Pixar celebrating the relase of "Monsters University"...
Plying drums and Luxo is in the back.
MU,JOX,and PNK sound awesome!!!
Oh No! A eyeball is on the lose!!!
Julie from "Pixar Post" is going to be a offical Monsters University cheerleader!

See you soon, Pixar fans! and check out the new "Pixar's Next Movie" Tab for more info on the film.

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