April 9, 2013

Post 70:Disney Infinity Double News and Updates!!!

Hey,everybody were back!!! And with some news...

First,Many Pixar fans were pumped to find out if Randall Boggs will be a toy in the game "Disney Infinity". Well, first watch this and try to find him,
Still no? How about going to 0:23 and you'll find...
And also go to our achives and look for a post with Randall on the cover of the starter pack!!!

Next, a new "Disney Infinity" book is coming called,
Here's the plot of the book,
"This 80-page companion book to the highly anticipated Disney Infinity video game will introduce players to the beloved Disney and Pixar characters and worlds featured in the game. Players will learn all about their favorite characters, including Captain Jack Sparrow, Sulley, Lightning McQueen, and The Incredibles.

In addition, this first companion book will explore all six initial Play Sets, such as the worlds of Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Cars, as well as provide tips on building entire worlds in the Toy Box mode straight from the game's creators!"

Next,Pixar Post updated their "Finding Dory" post and said, "...Ellen mentions in the video clip that this was her first show taping since returning from Australia (fitting as Finding Nemo took place in Australia) and when she announced/confirmed Finding Dory the crowd erupted into applause and cheer. You can still hear the excitement over the web as Finding Dory became a worldwide trending topic within minutes.

"I read the script, it's fantastic! It's hilarious and warm...it's everything that you want it to be. But the thing about those movies - their brilliant and they take a long time to make so it won't be in theaters until 2015...but in Australia I think that's tomorrow". - Ellen DeGeneres"

Last,Back on April 1st, "Fear Tech" the rival school in "Monsters University" took over the "Monsters University" website. Here's what "Pixar Post" said, "

Those marketing geniuses behind Monsters University have done it again! The rival school Fear Tech has taken over the Monsters University website as their April Fool's Prank!

You'll notice that once you go to the Monsters University website nothing seems out of the ordinary, then the screen shakes and Archie the Scare Pig overtakes the site. "Fear Tech Rulz" then appears over the Monsters University logo written in a graffiti style.

If you try to click around the page, the Fear Tech insignia appears along with more photos of Archie the Scare Pig. This is such a fun and creative way to continue the buzz on the web for this great upcoming feature film.


Happy April Fool's Day - now lets hope that our Monsters from Monsters University have something up their sleeve for Fear Tech!

UPDATED: The official Monsters University twitter page has also posted the following hilarious tweet that keeps the gag alive." -Pixar Post

See you soon!!! And check out the updated "Disney Infinity" site at infinity.disney.com!!!

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