March 29, 2013


Hi everybody!!! We have LOTS of news today so this could take a while.
First,"Giant Bomb" gave us a peek at the "Disney Infinity Incredibles Level".(See above.)

Next,a Monsters University event happening!!! How long? Well...
Go to to find out more of this event.

Next,Angus (Director of "Burn-E" and "Small Fry".) gave us a video of his passion for LEGOs. To find the video go to as well.
Next,Like "Star Wars"? Like "Cars"? Like you'll like this die-casts. (Click to make bigger.)

Next,ever thought what Wody's full name is? Well,The Director of "Toy Story 3" well tell us of course!!! (Okay,it's not really new news because it was given to us on August 2nd,2009. But it's still cool!!!)

Lastly,the short "The Ble Umbrella" in front of "Monsters University" has a blog called "Rainy Days" and they've just given us this image. Go to their blog to find more images. And go to To see a making of "The Blue Umbrella".
See you soon!!! And don't miss my new homepage blog at!!!

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