March 18, 2013

Post 62:Power Discs,The MU G,and Thomas N.

Hi I know I did a news post a couple days ago, but these news flashs are awesome!!! First,we have the first slate of "Infinity" Power Discs. (The sqare one make toys in the Toy Box and the circle ones give you powers!!!)
(P.S. I belive the one with pink on their means worlds for the toy box.)
Next, have you heard the buzz on the Grumblr?
This is a site that tells what's up at the fake school of MU.
 Next,Thomas Newman who has done work for Pixar since "Finding Nemo" (which I love) has said that he will do the score for 2014's "The Good Dinosaur".
 See you soon!!! And you are now up on the lastest of Pixar.

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