March 31, 2013

Post 66:Fly Hunters,Infinity,and Easter!!!

Happy Easter everybody!!! Today we have not as much news as last time(Post 65). But at lest we have news.

Are you been hearing about the new video game company,"Steel Wool Games"? Well, guess whos working there Pixar Artists!!! And check out there awesome site!!! And here's a image of there first game "Fly Hunter".

Lastly,the 2nd episode of "What is Disney Infinty?" has been made and here it is...
See you soon,guys and gals,and don't forget to comment!!!

March 29, 2013


Hi everybody!!! We have LOTS of news today so this could take a while.
First,"Giant Bomb" gave us a peek at the "Disney Infinity Incredibles Level".(See above.)

Next,a Monsters University event happening!!! How long? Well...
Go to to find out more of this event.

Next,Angus (Director of "Burn-E" and "Small Fry".) gave us a video of his passion for LEGOs. To find the video go to as well.
Next,Like "Star Wars"? Like "Cars"? Like you'll like this die-casts. (Click to make bigger.)

Next,ever thought what Wody's full name is? Well,The Director of "Toy Story 3" well tell us of course!!! (Okay,it's not really new news because it was given to us on August 2nd,2009. But it's still cool!!!)

Lastly,the short "The Ble Umbrella" in front of "Monsters University" has a blog called "Rainy Days" and they've just given us this image. Go to their blog to find more images. And go to To see a making of "The Blue Umbrella".
See you soon!!! And don't miss my new homepage blog at!!!

March 23, 2013

Post 64:NEW Cars Toons and KCAs!!!

Were baaaack!!! First off, A new line of Cars Toons has been created...

"UPDATE: For anyone that missed the premiere of the shorts on television, you can catch a replay of the shorts on or on Sunday, March 24.

We also sent a message to director, Jeremy Lasky after the shorts aired to congratulate the entire Pixar team - he tweeted back with the note below.

It sure sounds like this was another great partnership between Pixar in Emeryville and Pixar Canada...much like during PartySaurus Rex. Congratulations to the entire Pixar family for another successful debut!

Fans of Cars, be sure to rev your engines! Tonight on
The Disney Channel (during the broadcast of Up) you will be able to catch the premiere of three brand new Cars Toons - Shorty Shorts.  Shorty Shorts you ask? This is a new series of shorts which are really, well, short!

The official word came from Disney•Pixar just moments ago and included screenshots as well as a brief description of the shorts which were directed by
Jeremy Lasky and Produced by Mary Alice Drumm.

Although this is Jeremy Lasky's directorial debut, his contributions within Pixar date back to A Bug's Life when he worked as a layout artist. Following A Bug's Life, Jeremy worked on Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, Cars, WALL•E and Toy Story 3.


The first shorty short, titled Hiccups will premiere at 8:21 PM.  The official statement is, "When Lightning McQueen gets the hiccups, everyone in Radiator Springs thinks they have the cure".

The second shorty short, titled Bugged will premiere at 8:50 PM, in which, "Red's peaceful morning routine is interrupted by a pesky visitor".

The third and final installment, titled Spinning will premiere at 9:13 PM, in which, "Guido discovers he has a hidden talent as a street corner sign spinner".

Be sure to head back to this post after you watch the shorts and let us know which one you enjoyed the most and tell us why! How exciting!" -Pixar Post,March 22nd,2013.

Lastly,the Kids' Choice Awards are today at 8:00pm!!! I'll tell you the winners tommorow on this post!!!
UPDATE-"Brave" didn't win but at least "Wreck-It Ralph" won. Other winners were "Victorious" and "The Hunger Games".

To cap us off,here's a video...
See you later guys and gals!!!

March 19, 2013

Post 63:MU, Vinylmation, and PixArt: March '13

Hi and wow Pixar news is coming out of the blu! First,Here's a looksy at the "Monsters University" Vinylmation!!!
Next up,our friends at "Pixar Post" posted a picture of the four-armed MU hoodie. (The guy in this picture is named T.J., just so you now.)
Last,"Pixar Times" put the lastest PixArt on the internet...
Okay,you are now caught up on the lastest Pixar news...but before you go here's a bouns Pixar video...
See ya later!!!

March 18, 2013

Post 62:Power Discs,The MU G,and Thomas N.

Hi I know I did a news post a couple days ago, but these news flashs are awesome!!! First,we have the first slate of "Infinity" Power Discs. (The sqare one make toys in the Toy Box and the circle ones give you powers!!!)
(P.S. I belive the one with pink on their means worlds for the toy box.)
Next, have you heard the buzz on the Grumblr?
This is a site that tells what's up at the fake school of MU.
 Next,Thomas Newman who has done work for Pixar since "Finding Nemo" (which I love) has said that he will do the score for 2014's "The Good Dinosaur".
 See you soon!!! And you are now up on the lastest of Pixar.

March 17, 2013

Post 61:Saint Patrick's Day!!!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!
And our new look is starting to unveil more!!!

March 15, 2013

Post 60:Monsters and Infinity...again.

Hi everybody with more Pixar news!!! The "Monsters University" trailer!!! (P.S. It's basicly the UK trailer.)
And we have a LOT of "Disney Infinity" news...First off,the date fore then has been pushed from June 18th to August 18th. Because It will be closer to the holiday season. Also,you can now pre-order the game at Last, in "Infinity" news we have the cover art...
We also now know that now we can play as Art,Terri and Terry,Don,Randall,and Scott from "Monsters University".Can't wait!!!

Thank you and you are now caught up on Pixar news.

March 12, 2013

Disney Infnity News:Holly Trailer

We knew it!!! They've made the Holly (correctly spelled "Holley") Trailer!!! See you soon!!!

March 10, 2013

Post 59:MU,Infinity Art,and Weekly Round-Up!!!

First,MonstersU1313 (Monster University's YouTube channel) gave us two new ads...
Next,the Disney INFinity Fan Club site has some fan-work,and here's one of the newest ones...Doger from Oliver and Company.Can't wait to play!!!
Last,Here's a weekly round-up we had a trio (so far) of Disney Infinity trailers of Lighting and two more of our favorite charaters from the "Cars" movies.(BOUNS-I also threw in a video from the press confress from January)
See you soon! And you are now caught up on the lastest Pixar news.

March 9, 2013

Disney Infinity News:Francesco Trailer

First,we got Lightning,then Mater,now Francesco.

Makes us wonder in couple days we'll get a Holley trailer. Hmmm...anyways see you soon!!! And Disney Infinity is in 84 days!!!

March 8, 2013

Post 58:"Monsters University" Japan Trailer

Hi everyone! Welcome Back! Today,we have a "MU" Japan Trailer...
And "Pixar Post" notice something new... In this trailer the snail-like monster has buck-teeth.
But,earlier this year we got a UK trailer (see in archives) that has the snail-like monster with no buck teeth.
Wonder what he will look like in the final film on June 21st. S-EEK you soon and you are now caught up on the lastest Pixar news.

March 7, 2013

Disney Infinity News:Mater Trailer

Sorry, I couldn't find the video. But, you can find it on the Disney Infinity YouTube channel.

March 6, 2013

Post 57:Disney Infinity News and Pixar Podcast!!!

Hi everyone welcome back!!! Today,At like 6:00am I found this All-New "Infinity" trailer!!! (See above) And they have our pals at Pixar Podcast have done a awsome new episode at Thank you and you are now gotten the lastest Pixar news!

March 3, 2013

UPDATE:Art Of Monsters University

They made a new cover for the book has been made and it's now rumored for it to be pushed to 6/12/13 instead of 6/1/13. See you soon,guys and gals!

March 2, 2013

Post 56:Monsters,Rats,and Smashing,Oh My!

Happy March everybody! First off,Monsters University has taken over Epcot!!!Thank you,Pixar Post for giving us these pics!
Next,a Ratatouille themed ride is coming to DisneyLand Paris!!! Following the other paris rides like,"Toy Story Land". Lastly, A new app called,"Toy Story Smash!" Where you use the Luxo Ball and Ballon Balls to hint ailens on platforms. Like, "Angry Birds". See you soon, guys!!!