February 20, 2013

Post 52:"Monsters, Inc.","WALL-E",and More!

Zzzzzzzzz...Huh? Want a update of Pixar? Well...here ya go!
First,you remember this...
And it's out! (Can't wait for my B-day to get it!)
Next, The Pixar Podcast as interveiwed the guy who made a REAL WALL-E!!!
And here's a video from a other real-life WALL-E...
And the KCAs are in 32 and I'm getting more and more pumped it!!!
And we've stll gotten a little amount of entries. And if you don't start entering I got to make it my self.
See you soon,dudes! Oh wait! Check out the the MU art at pixarplace.com!!! And like that I can use pictures again? Okay,now bye!

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