February 15, 2013

Post 51:KCA 2013,Contest,MU,and More Infinity!

Hi Again! We have 4 news flashs today,cool huh?

#1-KCA 2013!
My favorite awards show,"Nickeloadeon Kids' Choice Awards" are coming! And you can vote now at,www.nick.com/kids-choice-awards.

#2-A Little Lamp's First Contest!!!
Notice the Gegeua logo? Every month,I make it. But, for a short time you can! You can make my June,July,and August logo!
It has to be made by you. (So,no pictures.)
It has to feature one Pixar or VeggieTales star.
It need something to do with summer.
Make One For Each Month of Summer (June-August)
And send it in with your name or nickname.
Turn it in by 6/1/13 when we tell you the 3 winners.

We have two clip all about the film. Check them out!

#4-More Infinity!
I can't wait to play this new video game!
Coming on Jume 18th or 28th,2013
See you soon!

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