January 3, 2013

Post 39:Artwork,MU Trailer,"Cars" Die Cast,& More!

The people at the blog,Pixar Post. Have shared some cool stuff!!! So,let's start with the new artwork from La Luna,Pixar's Upcoming Films,and even Newt. But, since my computer is not letting me you can just go to the link. And now there's this cool MU trailer which I saw before MI 3D. And Now It's On YouTube,
And also there's a new Cars 2013 Die Cast poster. But again beacause my computer isn't working right. Go to the "PP" link. And yesterday I had $30.00. I got the Up Blu-ray It's cool! The next one I'll try to get is "Ratatouille" or "Cars" Blu-ray. Anyway, see you next time!

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