January 29, 2013

Post 46:"Incredible" Poster and T-Shirts!

First off,one guy made one "incredible" poster check it out at,

Next,check out these cool T-Shirts!

Update:I won't do the rest of The Little Lamp Awards untill 2-3-13!

See ya soon!

January 24, 2013

Post 45:Pixar,Pixar,Pixar!

First Off, "A Little Lamp" will get a makeover on October 27th,2013 to celebrate it's 1st birthday. And every October 27th I will do this. I just wanted to say that to get you pumped for the stuff in this post.

Okay, do you know Simon Rich? Well, Going to write a Pixar film. Which one? We don't know. But,check back here and we'll some tell you the answer.

Now,The Pixar Podcast has made their 89th news episode,here's the link:

And the next chuck will just be mainly art stuff and videos.

You've seen Vinymation and Pop! and now, the Mystery Minis, the first season will have Mike and Sulley from "MU"!

The Pixar Times has shown us more great artwork. I mean...PIXART!

This month go to "Pixar Street"...

To see all the PIXART go to www.thepixartimes.com/pixart.

Last, here's some videos to tale us out,

January 21, 2013

Post 44:Pixar Post Podcast and Upcoming Trip Posts

Okay first off, Pixar Post did the first episode of their new podcast today to see it go to,http://www.pixarpost.com/2013/01/episode-001-of-pixar-post-podcast-with.html.

And also, soon on "A Little Lamp" this spring (maybe) live from my tablet get ready for...
            "A LITTLE LAMP in Chicago"!!!

See ya soon! And bless the black people!

January 16, 2013

Post 42:Awards and Infinity!!!

Good Job,Pixar you won a Golden Globe Award for your movie "Brave".

But, I know why your here... to learn about "Disney Infinity". I'm not going to talk too much about. I'm just going to show to you these 2 videos that the "Pixar Post" put on their YouTube page.
And here's 2 extra videos.
See you next time!

January 13, 2013

Post 41:Live-Action Toy Story

It's here! They've made a Toy Story as a Live-Action film.
I hope you enjoyed it. I hope they can make more Pixar Live-Action films.

January 8, 2013

Post 40:Monsters,Inc. Blu-ray,A Blue Short,& More!

You remember this...
Well the bouns features have been called out like the short "Partysaurs Rex" and a sneak peek at "Monsters University"!!!
 And we have been wondering about a short that Pixar is making about a...well...umbrella.
The short was directed by the layout artist of Toy Story 3,Cars 2,and Brave. And yes,it will show front of "Monsters University". Oh, and I'm doing a skit with two of my friends called, "Pixar's 13 movies in about a minute!" See you soon! And good night!

January 3, 2013

Post 39:Artwork,MU Trailer,"Cars" Die Cast,& More!

The people at the blog,Pixar Post. Have shared some cool stuff!!! So,let's start with the new artwork from La Luna,Pixar's Upcoming Films,and even Newt. But, since my computer is not letting me you can just go to the link. And now there's this cool MU trailer which I saw before MI 3D. And Now It's On YouTube,
And also there's a new Cars 2013 Die Cast poster. But again beacause my computer isn't working right. Go to the "PP" link. And yesterday I had $30.00. I got the Up Blu-ray It's cool! The next one I'll try to get is "Ratatouille" or "Cars" Blu-ray. Anyway, see you next time!

January 1, 2013

Post 38:2013 TIME!!!

2012 was a good year. Now it's time for 2013 to shine!!! MU is coming closer!!! We have lots of things and the first ever "A Little Animation Awards"!!! And The Pixar Podcast made a "2012 Review", Check it out! At pixarpodcast.com!!! And I'm also pumped for "Despicable Me 2". Check Out The Trailer!
See you when we talk about...Well you'll just have to see.