December 22, 2012

Post 35:Boo,Blu-rays,Videos,Brave,and more!

It's our 35th post! (Not counting review posts.) So, were gonna make this big! Let's start with Monster-ous news! A little bit ago the Monsters returned to the big "scream". And some birds join them,too. You know who I'm talking about. And when MI is returning for Blu-ray... (For the second time!) The Toy Story Toon that was in front of Nemo 3D is gonna be on it. So,you can stop asking "Pixar Podcast". Now,were talking blu! I have been starting (on August) colleting Blu-rays! So far I have WALL-E,Toy Story 3,and Nemo. I hope I get Brave and Pixar Shorts-Volume 2 on Blu-ray. Because they look so awsome!!! I just need to calm down. Nah... Because Chirstmas is in 4 days! So how can I calm down? Wait, I've been talking the whole time on our 35th post. So,let's crank up the videos! And then more news!
Now, Brave has been Pixar's moment to shine this summer. And done get me starting with all posters. And this will get hard beacause look who Pixar is battling: Frankenwennie and Wreck It Ralph! (Remember the Movie of the Month of November!) Oh, and speaking of Monsters and Movies we are giving MI 3D the Movie of the Month Award! Pixar has done it again. And that was our 35th post. I did this beacause I thought you were starting to tune out on me. So, I did this to show you I still love Pixar. See you soon!

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