November 26, 2012

Post 27:How Many News Flashs Can Fit In 1 Post?

And were going HaYwArE!!!$$$$@@@**()
1.We made a rookie mistake!
We forgot to add "Cars" to the review posts guide!!!
So here's the real guide...
Dec. 11-TS
Dec. 12-ABL
Dec. 13-TS2
Dec. 14-MI
Dec. 15-FN
Dec. 16-TI
Dec. 17-CARS
Dec. 18-RATA
Dec. 19-PS1
Dec. 20-W-E
Dec. 21-UP
Dec. 22-TS3
Dec. 23-PS2
Dec. 24-C2
Dec. 25-PS3
Dec. 26-BRAVE
2.Sorry,for that mix-up maybe you can forgive me with these videos...
Yep,that 2nd video is fake.
3.To get even more pumped for Pixar's 30th birthday in 2016. Here some of Pixar's wonderful art...
4.To get pumped for review posts on the 11th,
Click our surprise button...
5.Wait,there is no 5. So,Bye!

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