November 25, 2012

Post 26:Review Posts,Movie of the Month,and more!

We have some things that we will love to do before it's December...So here's our "Farewell November" post.
First, A all new breed of posts is coming to "A Little Lamp"...
THE REVIEW POSTS!!!$$$***^^^
And we are making 15 Review posts next month.
Dec. 11-Toy Story
Dec. 12-A Bug's Life
Dec. 13-Toy Story 2
Dec. 14-Monsters, Inc.
Dec. 15-Finding Nemo
Dec. 16-The Incredibles
Dec. 17-Ratatouille
Dec. 18-Pixar Shorts:Part 1
Dec. 19-WALL-E
Dec. 20-Up
Dec. 21-Toy Story 3
Dec. 22-Pixar Shorts:Part 2
Dec. 23-Cars 2
Dec. 24-Brave
Dec. 25-Pixar Shorts:Part 3
Next,We giving 1 movie the "A Little Lamp Award" and November's winner is................
"Wreck It Ralph"
Yesterday I saw the movie for the first time. I thought the movie was a crazy,loving,and beautiful. So Disney Toons...Your are big winner!!!
Last,I want to show you this...
Funny stuff!!!
See you soon!!!

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