November 30, 2012

Post 28:MU Posters

Here's some All-New MU Posters!!!
Wait,you don't know what this movie is?!?
Well maybe you should watch this...
MU enrolls in June 2013!!!

November 26, 2012

Post 27:How Many News Flashs Can Fit In 1 Post?

And were going HaYwArE!!!$$$$@@@**()
1.We made a rookie mistake!
We forgot to add "Cars" to the review posts guide!!!
So here's the real guide...
Dec. 11-TS
Dec. 12-ABL
Dec. 13-TS2
Dec. 14-MI
Dec. 15-FN
Dec. 16-TI
Dec. 17-CARS
Dec. 18-RATA
Dec. 19-PS1
Dec. 20-W-E
Dec. 21-UP
Dec. 22-TS3
Dec. 23-PS2
Dec. 24-C2
Dec. 25-PS3
Dec. 26-BRAVE
2.Sorry,for that mix-up maybe you can forgive me with these videos...
Yep,that 2nd video is fake.
3.To get even more pumped for Pixar's 30th birthday in 2016. Here some of Pixar's wonderful art...
4.To get pumped for review posts on the 11th,
Click our surprise button...
5.Wait,there is no 5. So,Bye!

November 25, 2012

Post 26:Review Posts,Movie of the Month,and more!

We have some things that we will love to do before it's December...So here's our "Farewell November" post.
First, A all new breed of posts is coming to "A Little Lamp"...
THE REVIEW POSTS!!!$$$***^^^
And we are making 15 Review posts next month.
Dec. 11-Toy Story
Dec. 12-A Bug's Life
Dec. 13-Toy Story 2
Dec. 14-Monsters, Inc.
Dec. 15-Finding Nemo
Dec. 16-The Incredibles
Dec. 17-Ratatouille
Dec. 18-Pixar Shorts:Part 1
Dec. 19-WALL-E
Dec. 20-Up
Dec. 21-Toy Story 3
Dec. 22-Pixar Shorts:Part 2
Dec. 23-Cars 2
Dec. 24-Brave
Dec. 25-Pixar Shorts:Part 3
Next,We giving 1 movie the "A Little Lamp Award" and November's winner is................
"Wreck It Ralph"
Yesterday I saw the movie for the first time. I thought the movie was a crazy,loving,and beautiful. So Disney Toons...Your are big winner!!!
Last,I want to show you this...
Funny stuff!!!
See you soon!!!

November 23, 2012

Post 25:Sea It In The Big Blu! (Not a review)

Part 1-Videos
Part 2-Pictures
Part 3-Bonus Video
Finding Nemo is coming on Blu-ray 3D & Blu-ray on December 4th.

November 22, 2012

Post 24:More Pixar News

One more news flash of the day...

Post 23:Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from "A Little Lamp"!!!
Go to the 1:36 mark on the video above and see Buzz Lightyear on today's parade. Yep,today. And did you see the new "Monsters Inc. 3D" tralier on TV?

November 21, 2012

Post 22:Blu-rays,Oscars,and more!

Sorry that I haven't done a post in a while. But, at least we have good news for you.
First,Amazon posted cover art for a upcoming 3D Blu-ray edtion of "Monsters, Inc.". (It should come in spring 2013.)
Next,the Oscars posted a "Oscar+Brave Poster".
And,Here's a other great montage...Good work!!!

November 15, 2012

Post 21:Celebrating Joe Ranft

The PIXAR times found him in "Brave".
Check it
Here's videos to remind people how sweet and kind he was.

November 14, 2012

Post 20:Brave Easter Eggs

Brave has ALL of the easter eggs in one scene:
1)Luxo Ball
4)Pizza Truck
5)Sulley Carving
Brave and Pixar Shorts-Vol. 2 are now on DVD and Blu-ray.And Pixar they have a picture of Joe R. somewhere. Tell us if you see it!!!

November 13, 2012


I hope I can get these on Chirstmas!
And, the Pixar Podcast has done a review on both.Great job,guys!

November 8, 2012

November 6, 2012

Post 17:Mor'du and "Pixs"

"EW" just posted some pictures from the upcoming short,"The Lenged of Mor'du".
Here's 4 pictures by 1 guy...
A couple years back, someone got the trailer when "Monsters Inc." was on TV in Czech...

November 4, 2012

Post 16:What Up Fishes?!?

First, Here's a "Pixar Podcast Meeting" with Mark Walsh...What Up "the podcast".

Now, Here's his short film...
And someone got meet him also...
I feel like having a party now!!!

November 1, 2012

Post 15:November 2012?!?

Here's a montage of the Disney and Pixar movies.