November 1, 2016


Hi everybody! I'm going to tell you about something big: I've started a new blog!

On this blog I will be tackling the entire world of animation, I'm still going on a break from this blog, but I'm planning on posting on this blog while on break. Check it out and I'll see you there!

October 30, 2016

10-30-2016 Update

Hi everybody! I'm going to update you on where the heck I've been.

First off, I'm not dead. The lack of posts is mainly because of school becoming more consuming and having a lack of free time and when I do have free time I'm working on personal projects.

If you want to know of the kind of projects I do you can see my personal Twitter were I post random stuff there, you can find me @AnimationJosh. I'm also on sites like Deviantart to test my art skills and improve on them which are at this link:

Also, I'm thinking for taking another break until late December or sometime in January, I know I do this a lot but I need time to relax every know and then. I will also post updates on the offical Twitter for the blog which is @ALittleLampBlog.

I return soon, but until then see you soon!

September 29, 2016

Post 235: 'Lou' - The Next Pixar Short

Hi everybody! Time for another news post! So, with Cars 3 and Coco coming out next year, that of course means that Pixar will be making more Pixar shorts and it looks like we've gotten a sneak peek of one of them.

September 6, 2016

Post 234: Why There's No Official 'Luxo, Jr.' Merchandise

Hi everybody! Well it looks like school has started for pretty much everybody now, so why not let me tell you some knowledge with this news story about how Pixar can't even advertise its own mascot.

August 30, 2016

Post 233: 'The Incredibles' Sequel - a "New Direction"

Hi everybody! After a bit of a break, time to get back to posting again, and what better way in returning to blogging then covering a news story.

For this news story we are looking into what might be the movie that most people are excited that most in the upcoming Pixar movie line-up, The Incredibles 2.

August 11, 2016

August 2016 Update

Hi everybody! Time for a short update to give you guys a look at the posts that I'm going to start working on soon.

Next Pixar Reviews:
Sanjay's Super Team (shown in front of The Good Dinosaur) [2015]
Piper (shown in front of Finding Dory) [2016]

Upcoming Pixar Points:
#31: Top 5 Pixar Sidekicks
#32: The Toy Story That Could Have Been: A Brief History of the 1st Computer Animated Film

Also, expect more news posts especially after August is done because news stories are going to be posts that are going to be easiest during that time.

I'll see you in the next post! Bye!

July 31, 2016

The Pixar Points #30: A Closer Look at 'Toy Story 2'

Hi everybody! Welcome to another Pixar Points, where I look at a certain part of the world of Pixar and analyse it. Today I'm going to look at a whole movie again in detail with an closer look. If you don't already know, this is where I give you details that you probably didn't notice the first time when watching it, and the movie we are looking at today is the 1999 sequel Toy Story 2! This was Pixar's first sequel and it still holds up and now it is time to analyze the movie to see a the work that was put into the film! So let's begin!

I will be looking at the movie scene by scene with screen caps from this website, so let's begin!

July 18, 2016

Pixar Review: 'Lava'

Hi everybody! Time for yet another Pixar short film review! I know that I just did one, but since I'm going on vacation I wanted to give you two reviews before I go away for a bit. Anyways, today I'm going to review the 2014 short that was in front of 2015's Inside Out, Lava! Will this be like a pleasant island vacation or will it be like being next to an active volcano? Let's review the short to find out!

July 17, 2016

Pixar Review: 'The Blue Umbrella'

Hi everybody! Time to review another Pixar short and this time we have the short film that premiered with Monsters University, The Blue Umbrella. Is the short as nice as being protected by an umbrella or is as bad as a thunder storm? Let's review the short to find out!

July 9, 2016

The Pixar Points #29: A Lookback at 'Disney Infinity'

Hi everybody! Time for another Pixar Points, where we look at a Pixar-related topic and I give my thoughts on it.

So as you have probably heard by now the Disney Infinity has been discontinued mainly because of it not doing as well as it once was. I have played all of the games in this series and I had fun time playing them. So now I'll give my thoughts on each game and give a tribute to this series. So let's get started!